Established in early 2012, graphite has quickly emerged as a significant player in the Sydney fitout and refurbishment market. Here’s what makes us different:

Experience = Understanding

We pride ourselves on the experience we have gained working as specialist fitout contractors for almost 20 years. It means that whatever the challenge, there’s a good chance that we’ve dealt with it before. The benefit to you is that with this experience we can usually spot the grey areas in a project before they become a costly and time-consuming problem.

Track record = Peace of mind

It's one thing having experience but nothing is more important than a track record of successfully delivering projects over an extended period of time. You will have peace of mind knowing you have a team on board that has worked closely with many of Sydney’s leading project managers, designers, engineers, consultants and quantity surveyors to deliver hundreds of projects from small refurbishments to multi-million dollar fitouts.

Lean structure = Exceptional value

We operate a lean organisational structure and maintain a hands-on approach ensuring that one of our Directors will be involved in the delivery of your project. Put simply, you will receive the industry’s best expertise and service without the cost associated with large corporate overheads. Our first priority is to provide you with a professional service that is delivered on time and within budget.

Trusted partners = The right team

We recognise that the success of every project relies on having the right team – a team that will go the extra mile to get things done and put the success of your project first. That’s why we work with a trusted network of quality sub contractors and suppliers to partner with us every step of the way.

the graphite team
Joe Fusca LinkedIn Profile

Joe Fusca - Managing Director

With 19 years’ experience in fitout and refurbishment, Joe and his fellow directors formed Graphite Projects in early February 2012. Joe is focused on working with clients to create long-term relationships and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction are maintained.

Prior to Graphite Projects, Joe spent almost 18 years working for one of Australia’s leading specialist fitout organisations.

During this time he worked in almost every operational role from Site Manager to Project Manager before being appointed NSW State Manager in 2005 and Executive Manager NSW (Sales and business development) in late 2009.

Joe holds a Master of Management Degree from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Michael Cerci LinkedIn Profile

Michael Cerci - Director

Michael enjoys a reputation as one of the most experienced fitout Site Managers in the Sydney market. He has completed several landmark projects across many sectors - including office, health, education, hotels, retail and hospitality, as well as being called upon to troubleshoot challenging projects. His strengths are client and subcontractor engagement, workflow coordination, and the ability to manage large and complex teams.

He has a proven history of delivering projects with extremely tight deadlines, and exceeding client expectations.

Stephen Henry LinkedIn Profile

Stephen Henry - Director

With a Bachelor of Construction from UTS and over 13 years experience under his belt, Stephen has worked with projects of all sizes and scope across the construction industry. He specialises in working on technical projects and challenging ‘live environments’ where it’s essential to undertake a staged-approach to ensure business continuity.

Prior to Graphite Projects, Stephen delivered many high profile and critical projects for clients such as Macquarie Bank, Alliance Bernstein, Morgan Stanley, IBM and NAB.

Nicholas Stergiou LinkedIn Profile

Nicholas Stergiou - Director

Nicholas holds an Associate Diploma of Building and a Bachelor of Building from UTS. He has 19 years of hands on experience within the commercial fitout & refurbishment industry. In this time he has delivered many projects in various sectors including office, health, education and hotels. Prior to the establishment of graphite, Nicholas was the regional manager of the Science and Healthcare business unit for one of Australia’s leading fitout and refurbishment organisations.

Nicholas’ keen eye for detail coupled with his strong focus on customer service ensures a stunning result every time.

Q & A

Who owns Graphite?

We, the four founding shareholders, all own equal shares in the company. There are no external investors or shareholders involved with the business. This allows our main priority to be you, the customer.

Why did you establish Graphite?

It is well known that the four of us worked together at one of Australia’s leading fitout and refurbishment organisations. During our time there, the business grew from a relatively small business to one of over 500 staff and we are all very proud to have been part of that growth. Many companies go through organisational change, and after 18 years (in most instances) we felt the time had come to move on and establish our own business.

Why did you name the business Graphite?

Coming up with a business name wasn’t easy. Finally, we chose Graphite because we believe that we work in an industry where things are rarely black and white, there are many “grey areas” to consider and the name Graphite is symbolic of this understanding.

Graphite is relatively new, is the company financially sound?

In this current economic climate financial stability is of utmost importance. Graphite is totally funded by us the owners; the business carries no external debt. Cash deposits secure Graphite’s bank guarantee facility and although the business doesn’t have a ‘big’ balance sheet it has a very ‘clean’ balance sheet with no hidden debt or liabilities.

Do you offer an in-house design service?

We believe that you can’t be the best at everything. Our aim is to be the best commercial fitout and refurbishment head contractor. We work with and will recommend the best possible designers to match your needs. This way there is no conflict of interest and the design is not compromised by internal constraints.

Graphite Projects is a relatively small company, how do we know that you won’t take on too much work and then not be able to deliver our project?

We are very conscious of our size and capacity and will only ever take on a project if we are confident that we can deliver it well and provide the highest levels of service. There have been instances where we have declined to tender projects due to other commitments we have already made.

What is the ideal size project for the team at Graphite?

Size usually refers to value of works, but there are so many other things to consider i.e. timing, technical difficulty, business continuity etc. That said, for the right client its true to say that no job is too big or too small. Whether it's constructing a few walls to create a new office, modifying your reception area, workstation churn, end of lease make-good, or a high end fitout over multiple floors, we will treat your project with equal respect.

What type of work don’t you do?

We don’t do domestic residential work, and we typically wouldn’t do small retail outlets. We are happy to review your project, if we don’t think we are the best company to use for your specific type of work, we will tell you and recommend another company.

You have very low overheads, does that mean you will always be the cheapest?

We are focused on providing exceptional value to our clients. In our experience this means finishing the project on-time, to the highest levels of quality, and ensuring that our clients can get on with their business.
Project costing relies heavily on subcontractor pricing. We will only ever use proven and tested quality subcontractors for our projects, and they won’t always be the cheapest. Our low overhead base allows us to offer you the services of some of the fitout industry’s most experienced professionals at the lowest possible cost. What you will get is fantastic value.

Have you received 3rd party accreditation for your systems?

Our systems are designed to comply with the highest Australian and International standards. Importantly, we have considerable experience in the use of project delivery systems as a natural way of doing business. To receive 3rd Party accreditation the use of these systems needs to be demonstrated over time. As Graphite is a new company, we are currently working toward this.

Do you work interstate?

We do not have interstate offices, however we do have close affiliations with similar businesses in the ACT, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. We are happy to be your Sydney based contact for any interstate works.

Other questions? Please contact us.